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Improvement Plan Stakeholder

 Improvement Plan Stakeholder Involvement

Carter-Parramore Academy Gadsden County School District

Ms. Pauline West, Principal 631 S Stewart St Quincy, FL 32351-3843

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Improvement Planning Process 1

Improvement Planning Process

Improvement Planning Process

Describe the process used to engage a variety of stakeholders in the development of the institution's improvement plan. Include information on how stakeholders were selected and informed of their roles, and how meetings were scheduled to accommodate them.

School Improvement Process

1)�Elect School Advisory Council (SAC) members; establish, review, and/or revise bylaws, terms of office, and duties of members. [CPA's advisory council is composed of the Principal and an appropriately balanced number of teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school. Council members representing teachers, education support employees, students, and parents have been elected by their respective peer groups at the school in a fair and equitable manner.] 2)� School conducts annual needs assessment based on state and district goals, performance standards, local and state achievement data, and school climate survey results. 3)�School Advisory Council reviews and/or revises school's Vision and Mission, sets priorities for goals and objectives to be included in the School Improvement Plan. [Training is provided by the school district to help SAC members with their roles, learn how to develop a consensus, resolve conflict, develop effective ways to work together, and make sound decisions that are based on research and data regarding school performance. They meet the second Tuesday of each month from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 am to accommodate stakeholders' schedules. Meetings are held monthly from August to May, more often when needed.] 4)� School Advisory Council assists in preparing the proposed School Improvement Plan, including improvement strategies and measures.

Describe the representations from stakeholder groups that participated in the development of the improvement plan and their responsibilities in this process.

Representation and Responsibilities

Representatives from stakeholder groups that participated in the development of the improvement plan include individuals that reflect the makeup of the school's demographics. African-Americans comprised over 90% of the group. Their responsibilities to develop the plan included: 1)�Assessing the need for improvement at the school using district, state, and federal goals as a guide and by reviewing student performance data; 2) Prioritizing the school's needs; 3) Indicating problems and barriers that underlie the needed improvements and their causes; 4) Identifying and evaluating possible solutions and developing strategies to accomplish the needed

improvements; 5) Establishing what will be done, when it will be done, who will complete each task, and what resources are needed; 6) Specifying precisely what results (outcomes) the SAC expects to achieve and how they will be measured; 7) Determining which indicators of success will serve as "adequate progress" for strategies in the plan; and 8) Deciding how success will be measured. This work was accomplished in various formats (e.g. work groups, committees, individually, etc.).

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Explain how the final improvement plan was communicated to all stakeholders, and the method and frequency in which stakeholders receive information on its progress.

Final Improvement of Plan

1) The School Improvement Plan was released to community shareholders for input before being finalized. 2) The K-12 Director held SIP Peer Reviews at District Level. 3) The School Improvement Plan was submitted to the District School Board for approval. 4) The School Board approved the School Improvement Plan. 5) The approved School Improvement Plan is still being shared with the entire school community. 6) The School Improvement Plan is currently being implemented and monitored for effectiveness (throughout the school year). 7) The School Advisory Council will review mid-year or quarterly progress, implementation of plan, and adjust interventions when necessary. 8) The School Improvement Plan will be evaluated goal-by-goal for level of success in meeting and completing objectives. 9) Following final evaluation, the school improvement planning process continues as in previous year.

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