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Executive Summary

Carter-Parramore Academy

Gadsden County School District

Ms. Pauline West, Principal 631 S Stewart St Quincy, FL 32351-3843


                                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS


Introduction 1 Description of the School 2 School's Purpose 4 Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement 5 Additional Information 7



Every school has its own story to tell. The context in which teaching and learning takes place influences the processes and procedures by which the school makes decisions around curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The context also impacts the way a school stays faithful to its vision. Many factors contribute to the overall narrative such as an identification of stakeholders, a description of stakeholder engagement, the trends and issues affecting the school, and the kinds of programs and services that a school implements to support student learning.

The purpose of the Executive Summary (ES) is to provide a school with an opportunity to describe in narrative form the strengths and challenges it encounters. By doing so, the public and members of the school community will have a more complete picture of how the school perceives itself and the process of self-reflection for continuous improvement. This summary is structured for the school to reflect on how it provides teaching and learning on a day to day basis.



Description of the School

Describe the school's size, community/communities, location, and changes it has experienced in the last three years. Include demographic information about the students, staff, and community at large. What unique features and challenges are associated with the community/communities the school serves?

Carter-Parramore Academy is located in the southernmost part of the City of Quincy in one of Gadsden County's oldest historical African-American neighborhoods that was once comprised of well-known and established business people, educators, and leaders. Further south of its campus lies Stewart Street Elementary - voted in 2011 the 25th Best School in the State -, Gadsden Technical Institute, and the School Board of Gadsden County including its transportation, maintenance, and warehouse facilities. Also within close proximity to its northern border is the newly renovated Gadsden Arms Apartment - the city's largest minority housing complex for low-income families. The Carter-Parramore Academy complex serves as the Gadsden School System's official alternative education site. Locally, the site serves students from the townships and communities of Quincy, Havana, Gretna, Midway, Greensboro, and Chattahoochee. They are offered the opportunity to withdraw from neighboring home schools and remain at Carter-Parramore until they are eligible to graduate. However, whenever students fulfill their obligations, whether academic or behavioral, they may leave any of the services provided. Currently, the Academy provides academic, dropout prevention, teenage parent, childcare, and expulsion school services for a diverse population of students ranging from fourth to twelfth grades. Limited health, legal, and counseling services are also provided through the Gadsden County Health Department, Capital City Youth Services, and the Department of Juvenile Justice. There are three (3) different educational programs for students who have special needs in the areas of discipline, learning alternatives, teenage parenting, and emotional and/or mental well-being. These programs operate autonomously as Schools within Schools and fall directly under the supervision of the Principal of Carter-Parramore Academy. Two programs that support students' needs are the Teenage Parent Program and Boldstep Infant Care Centre for children of teenage parents enrolled in the school district, with priority given to students enrolled at Carter-Parramore Academy for alternative education. HOPE ACADEMY, at the southernmost end of campus, houses students who have been expelled and alternatively placed by the school board or court system for committing zero tolerance infractions or who need very close supervision for behavioral reasons. Currently, the complex has an enrollment of 215 students which fluctuates weekly due to withdrawals or enrollments of new and returning students from various local sites and/or juvenile facilities. The student population is approximately 92% African-American, 8% Hispanic, 1% Caucasian, and 1% Multiracial. The percentage of economically disadvantaged students is 87%. This rate could be higher if all students participated in the free and reduced lunch program. Exceptional student education services are provided for 17% of the population. While there are no LEP students assigned to this site, 8.3% of the staff is ESOL endorsed and provide assistance as needed for students. The instructional staff consists of 21 dropout prevention teachers which include one ESE teacher/support facilitator; one Reading coach; one Mathematics coach; one Media Specialist; and two Behavioral Specialists. The school, as an alternative site, has been in existence since 2003-2004. In 2010-2011, the school received its first school improvement rating - maintaining - from the FLDOE. In 2011-2012 however the rating was lowered to "declining" due to a decrease in the school's mathematics performance. The school was previously rated as "declining" in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. This year's goal is to move the school to "improving". Note: Each year students must reapply to enter the alternative program, which often results in a new student body and less than 50% of the previous student population returns. Commitments from students and parents will assure that each year will not be a renewal, but a continuation of what has already been started and accomplished.

Unique Features and Challenges Associated with the Communities Carter-Parramore Academy as an alternative education site is designed to alleviate some of the problems students face when they fall behind academically and are not the appropriate age for their grade levels. The system and community realize that students become disenchanted and often resort to inappropriate social behaviors, including but not limited to, violence, defiance of authority, involvement in illegal substances, high absenteeism from school, truancy, defamation of school property, etc.. Consequently, they are at risk of dropping out of school just as over-aged students. It is the intent of the program to expand its provisions to students who need a non-traditional learning environment in order to experience success in learning and subsequently receive a high school diploma. Additionally, the alternative program has a particular emphasis on vocational awareness and preparation due largely to the high illiteracy, economic status, unemployment and underemployment in the county. Students attending this program may enroll in a CTE program each semester and acquire skill mastery or earn certification by at the end of the course at the neighboring Gadsden Technical Institute. This requirement applies to all students in grades 10th through 12th. Middle grades students may enroll in a CTE course (Informational Technology or Business Education) on site for credit beginning at the 8th grade level.




School's Purpose

Provide the school's purpose statement and ancillary content such as mission, vision, values, and/or beliefs. Describe how the school embodies its purpose through its program offerings and expectations for students.

MISSION STATEMENT: To ensure every student makes a year's learning gain. VISION STATEMENT: To create a safe and stimulating learning environment across the curriculum, which maximizes individual potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education and life. MOTTO: "A Place called HOPE" LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE OUR SCHOOL SAFE: To assure that the Carter-Parramore/HOPE Academy complex is a safe and orderly place to learn and teach, we must follow rules. The Faculty and Staff will model behaviors we expect of students. We agree to the following: (1) To be role models for students. (2) Treat students and other members of the Gadsden community with respect. (3) Avoid unnecessary confrontations. (4) Be fair and consistent in the application of classroom and school policies. BELIEFS: We believe that the physical, emotional, mental, and social development of citizens in this district is our concern; the responsibility of the district is to assist in the total development of students by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses and immersing them in experiences that will help them progress and achieve. We believe that it is the responsibility of educational alternative/dropout prevention program to teach learning skills, encourage logical and critical thinking, and encourage the development of a positive self-concept with an emphasis on wholesome attitudes and skill development for careers. We believe that the program should promote sound mental and physical health, foster the development of responsible citizenship and social values, and emphasize the development of wholesome interpersonal and group relationships, moral and ethical values, aesthetic appreciation, and cultural awareness as we prepare students for employment and lifetime leisure enjoyment. We believe that the program should create an environment that is safe, healthy, and conducive to learning; and one that enables professional educators to practice and exhibit their craft with opportunities for further growth and development through participation in on-going staff development activities. Finally, we believe that the School Board should provide an appropriate physical infrastructure that lends itself to the unique needs of at-risk and special needs students and a supporting curriculum infrastructure that permits students an opportunity to develop to their fullest potential within the framework of their individual needs and abilities. The school improvement plan embodies all of the school's goals, efforts, strategies, and activities to help students meet the expectations of this system, which is preparation for college and or careers. While students and their families enrolled at the Carter-Parramore Academy complex have chosen an alternative route to reach the same goals as those throughout the State of Florida, they must be assured that this is the "best fit" for meeting their needs; possess self-discipline and motivation to work diligently; be goal-driven and respectful. While this generally is not always the case, we have high expectations for all of our students and we strive daily to provide the necessary supports to get them through most situations. We provide curriculum, physical, mental, emotional, legal (minor), and material assistance as needed and within the confines of our resources. Our major focus is on students at all ages to excel to the best of their abilities and be able to become gainfully employed or self-employed, attend a post-secondary education institute, join the military and be a contributor to the community or any other chosen place of residence.




Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

Describe the school's notable achievements and areas of improvement in the last three years. Additionally, describe areas for improvement that the school is striving to achieve in the next three years.


* 14 high school graduates with standard diplomas or GED compared to 5 the previous year

* 35.7% of graduates took the ACT and 64.2% took the CPT

* 57.1% of graduates enrolled in a Florida post-secondary institution during Fall 2010

* District hires Dropout Prevention Coordinator

* 25% of graduates (African-Americans) passed the FCAT Retake Test for graduation

* 60% of all students grades 3-10 made learning gains in mathematics

* 21 high school graduates with standard diplomas or GED

* 42% of all students grades 3-10 made learning gains in reading

* 41% of students scored 3.0 or above on FCAT Grade 10 Writing To Date 2012-2013

* Brotherhood of Respect, an all male organization, has been in existence for over 8 years and shares an established partnership with FAMU's Black Male Explorers Program

* Initiated the Student Council in response to students' request to have a voice in the decision-making process

* Initiated the School Newspaper to help publish campus news and voice concerns and issues from students

* Assistant Principal added to the Administrative Staff

* ISS Program implemented to deter and decrease out of school suspensions

* Supplementary materials provided through SIG for academic program (i.e. classroom libraries with CCSS literary titles)

* 21st CCLC after-school program

* Disc Village counseling program for students

* Full-time media specialist

* Availability of on-site virtual and online school program for credit recovery

* Full-time reading and mathematics coaches

* Two full-time behavioral specialists Areas for improvement that the school is striving to achieve in the next three years

* Reading Proficiency

* Mathematics Proficiency

* Increased Graduation Rate

* Decreased Dropout Rate

* Reduce High Absenteeism (student absent 21+ days)

* Reduce Number of Suspensions and Expulsions





                                                  Additional Information

Provide any additional information you would like to share with the public and community that were not prompted in the previous sections.

Stakeholders rated Standard 1: Purpose and Direction in the school satisfactorily contrary to the fact that the school has experienced new leadership for the past six years. The general focus of the school remains the same - assuring that the neediest and most at-risk students receive quality assistance for maximum success.