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Carter-Parramore/HOPE Academy Uniform Policy
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017
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Carter-Parramore/HOPE Academy Uniform Policy


Students have a responsibility to wear clothes that are not dangerous to their health or safety and to dress in a manner that is not disrupting to the educational process. Clothes worn should not advertise drugs, gangs, alcohol, tobacco, inappropriate language and/or sexual behavior.



Student will dress and groom in such a way as to express personal preferences within the guidelines of the school’s dress code. Students are prohibited from wearing bandannas, dropped pants, low riding jeans, and shorts revealing the buttocks or underwear, short tops revealing the belly button, and inappropriate short dresses, shorts, or skirts. Middle and high school students are required to have shirts tucked in and pants are to be worn with a belt.


Elementary, Middle, and High School Requirements for Carter-Parramore and HOPE Academy students:


Appropriate dress is the primary responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian. In order to promote safety, personal hygiene, academic well-being and moral and character development, students shall be expected to comply with reasonable requirements relating to dress, grooming and personal appearance as follows:

1) All students in elementary, middle, and high school shall wear a school uniform while in attendance during the regular school day and on school sponsored field trips.

2) Colors shall be that of the official school colors and other colors as recommended by the School Advisory Committee and approved by the principal of the school.

3) Shirts must have a collar and must be tucked into pants and or skirts.

4) Uniform style bottoms will be tan (khaki). No sweat pants, overalls, or jeans will be allowed.

5) The legs of pants shall not extend below the heels of shoes.

6) Uniform knee-length shorts/skirts will be acceptable.

7) Sneakers and leather shoes are both acceptable, but must be black, dark brown, dark blue or white with matching shoelaces.

8) Socks must be black, white, or other color as approved by the principal.

9) Boys and girls must wear belts if pants/shorts have belt loops. No sagging of pants will be allowed.

10) Outer garments for cold weather are permissible.

The CPA uniform shall consist of the following:

A. Khaki pants, shorts, or skirt

B. Navy or white collared shirt

C. Dark or white leather shoes or sneakers with black, dark brown or white socks


The HOPE uniform shall consist of the following:

A. Khaki pants, shorts, or skirt

B. Hunter green collared shirt

C. Dark or white leather shoes or sneakers with black, dark brown or white socks



At the beginning of the school year, students will be required to conform to the uniform dress code within but no later than the first ten (10) school days. Likewise, students transferring into the district will have the first fifteen (15) days of school enrollment in order to conform to the uniform dress code.


Elementary/Middle School Disciplinary Action:

Any student enrolled in an elementary or middle school who reports to school improperly attired shall be disciplined as follows:

A. First and second offense consequences are:

a. Notification of parent or guardian and require student to change into appropriate attire

b. Ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for up to 5 days at home school

B. Third offense consequences are:

a. Notification of parent or guardian and require student to change in to appropriate attire and

b. Three day of in-school suspension.

C. The fourth and subsequent offenses are considered to be willful disobedience that will result in further disciplinary action that may include additional days of in-school or out-of -school suspension.


High School Disciplinary Action:

Any student enrolled in a high school who violates the dress code may receive counseling and/or parent/guardian(s) will be contacted.

Clothing and/or other personal adornment that is so unusual or non-traditional that it attracts undue attention and distracts from the academic climate of the classroom cannot be allowed.


„XƒnWhen young ladies wear shorts, skirts, and dresses, the length must be near their knees. This knee length is determined by the indentation of the tip of the student’s middle finger when placed against the student’s attire.

„XƒnBound sleeveless shirts and/or dresses that cover the armpits may be worn.

„XƒnShirts/blouses must cover the midriff at all times.

„XƒnYoung men will wear belts or suspenders with their pants.

„XƒnHats and hoods may be worn outside of the building only.

„XƒnShirts and blouses that are designed to be worn inside will be tucked into the pants/skirts.



„XƒnTight-fitting stretchy pants, leotards, bicycle pants, or body gloves

„XƒnBlouses or shirts that are unbuttoned, see-through, halter tops, tank tops, or muscle shirts and dresses that are strapless, spaghetti strap, or sun dresses,

„XƒnSection cutout garments with holes

„XƒnClothes that advertise gangs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, suggestive or sexually explicit logos, or offensive racial slogans

„XƒnHeadbands, bandannas, scarves, stocking/wave caps, or any other head gear

„XƒnBare feet, bedroom slippers, shower shoes, slides, flip-flops or beach shoes

„XƒnHair combs, hair picks, or hair rollers

„XƒnDrop pants / saggy pants (F.S. 1006.07 and F.S. 1006.15)


* These dress code guidelines are subject to the interpretation of the administration, faculty, and staff. Any other type of clothing or garment that is distracting, immodest, or interferes with learning will not be allowed.


„XƒnFor first offenders, the school is required to give the student a verbal warning, and the principal must call the student’s parent or guardian;

„XƒnFor second offenders, the student is ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for up to 5 days, and the principal must meet with the parent or guardian;

„XƒnFor the third or subsequent offenders, the extracurricular activity exclusion is extended to up to 30 days; the school must place the student in in-school suspension for up to 3 days; and the principal must both call and send written notice to a parent or guardian.



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